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Summon Your Courage

Recessions can be a great time to help your company separate itself from the pack and build advantages for years to come. This isn't a matter of faith -- it's a matter of record. Out of previous downturns came enduring innovations that delivered great rewards to those with the courage to unleash them. These include frequent-flyer programs, Fortune magazine, and Federal Express.

Downturns are about psychology as much as they are about the GDP. Don't let risky times dull your appetite for taking smart risks. Move now to generate fresh ideas that might transform your company -- while rivals are still too timid to step up.

Success Stories Breed Success

When working with a potential client, one of the best ways to help your client feel comfortable and confident in your ability to help them is from past successes. If you have worked and created a solution that has made a significant impact, whether it be through cost savings, through innovation then sharing that story and the lessons learnt can assist you to help others who may have similar challenges.

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Camino was created with a passion to provide organisations and individuals the opportunity to excel. Our focus and beliefs are predicated with the belief that every organisation and every individual can be amongst the elite - through passion, determination, vision and help.
All through history, those that have achieved great success, those who have gone above and beyond have had an amazing support network. Our vision, our passion, is to provide you with that foundation, the knowledge and support - a base that you can always use to help you reach for your own greatness.

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Leaderhip Articles

Anticipating your competitors next move


In bleak times and fair, the success of a company’s strategy often depends greatly on the strategies of its competitors. In periods of financial turmoil, for instance, the prospects—and even survival—of a bank often depend on the near-term M&A of its rivals. Continued...


Deceptions in Strategic decisions

The chief executive of a large multinational was trying to decide whether to undertake an enormous merger—one that would not only change the direction of his company but also transform its whole industry. He had gathered his top team for a final discussion. Continued..